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7-7-17  June billing is going out tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.

7-7-17  Cutting is behind due to rain and the 4th of July.​

6-28-17  4th of July cutting schedule.  Crews will be off Monday 7-3 and Tuesday 7-4.  All lawns will be cut by Saturday the 8th.  

This has been tough year for mulch.  We are very behind due to the constant rain every week and staffing issues.  One of my full timers just found out his wife has cancer. He will be out of work as well.  She is in her 30's.  

4-20-17  Running behind this week.  All lawns will be cut by end of business Saturday.  Two of my guys are out.  One in the hospital for non work related issue and the others mother passed.  My other crew members are working hard to get everything done.  All employees are expected back Monday the 24th.

4-3-17  We have started mulch, cleanups, bush and shrub trimming, and landscaping.              Please email or call for a quote.

4-3-17  Crews are back full time and we are fully staffed. 
             Cutting will probably resume 4-10-17 pending weather and growth.  

4-3-17  We now have a partnership with TruGreen to provide fertilization.  They did a             great job last year (2016).  Crabgrass and weed control worked very well.              Everything goes through  me.  Email me for an estimate.  

We do not do snow removal

8/2-16  Street closures:  We will not drive on closed roads.  Keep in mind that if we don't cut lawns we don't get a paycheck.  So,  we will try to get there by alternate means but if we don't have access it will get skipped.

6-6-16 Utility flags: It is the customers responsibility to let me know about utility flags in their yard and when the work is being done. I've seen these flags left in yards for months at a time. It adds a lot of additional time cutting around them. I can understand the yard being marked a week or two early due to scheduling. We will cut around the flags and do our best with the trimmers. Please remove these flags as soon as possible.  We will not remove these flags. If the flags are there more than 2 weeks there will be an additional charge. 

5-3-16 No cutting today.  It's too wet.

5-3-16  Looks like rain off and on all week.  We will cut when conditions permit but we may not be able to complete all accounts.  Especially those scheduled later in the week.  We will do our best.

4-11-16 No cutting this week due to low temps and growth rate. 

​4-11-16  Customers will now receive monthly invoices not statements due to the online payment changes.  There will be no running account total on the invoice. 

3-28-16  We expect to start cutting the week of April 4th.

3-28-16  Customers that receive their invoices via email will be able to pay online by clicking the pay link in the email. Customers that receive their invoice by mail will not be able to pay online.

3-22-16  QuickBooks has discontinued their online payment option.  I am looking into other options.  Please mail a check into the address on your statement.

​3-22-16  Looks like grass cutting will start the first or second week of April. 

1-22-16  As of 11:00am the forecast is calling for snow from 10pm Friday night till 10pm Saturday night.  We will start commercial properties by midnight Friday 1-22 and work through the night to keep them clear as per contract.  The residential will be started after the snow stops Saturday night.  It will take us approx. 15 hours to get through all of the residential accounts.  We will get there but it will take some time.

​12-15-15 Don't hesitate to call if you need anything over the winter.

12-15-15  We will automatically resume cutting In April 2016.

12-15-15  Thank you everyone.  Another season in the books.  Please make your final payments as soon as possible so that I can get the books cleaned up and out to the accountant. 

​11-28-15 We have had several requests for an additional cut.  So,  If you would like another cut please let me know and we will add you to the list.

10-14-15 Cutting season is the first week of April to the second week of November.  We may skip a week or two as the weather gets colder.  In the past the second week of November seemed to be the sweet spot for stopping.  

10-8-15 Due to employee call outs we are behind schedule.  I expect to finish all accounts by Saturday

10-8-15  As the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier we will have to add an additional day of cutting to ensure that all properties are serviced.  As of next week will start our cutting route a day earlier.  Your normal cutting day will most likely change for the next couple of weeks.  Any concerns email me.  Thx Steve

9-22-15   End of season info.  Final cut is usually the second week of November depending on weather.   You can email to suspend service prior to the final cut if your lawn grows very slow but please try not to suspend until Oct 31st. We need to get 30 cut per season (or close to it)to make this business work.    We'll do our best to manage your leaves during the fall but you may need to call for a leaf cleanup.  Additional charges apply.  Service will automatically resume April 2016.  Leaf cleanups are first come first serve.  If you would like your lawn serviced after the final cut just email me.  

​7-15-15 We are two days behind on cutting due to rain.  We will be there as soon as                 possible.

7-15-15 Rained out.  No lawn cutting.

7-14-15    Rained out.  No lawn cutting

6-22-15  We will start cutting a day early the week of the 29th to ensure all properties are service prior to the holiday.  Please contact me with any concerns... Steve

6-3-15  Just a quick thank you to all of our customers for paying on time.  Only two accounts did not make a payment in May.  Operating expenses are difficult to keep up with when customers make late payments.  So, Thanks again.  Steve
​6-3-15  We are on schedule to have all lawns cut by Friday even with the rain early in the week.

4-18-15  There was no grass to cut last week and now it's growing very quickly.  it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.  had we started last week my life would be a lot easier but we would have had complaints.  Now the phone is ringing off the hook asking if we are coming.  Yes,  we are coming.  All accounts will be cut by 4-25-15.

4-18-15  Looks like we will finally start cutting grass 4-20-15.  Thankfully, we have been busy with mulch and cleanups to offset the very late start in grass cutting.  

​3-21-15 1:00am  we will be around to do residential.  looks like too much snow and I don't think it will all melt tomorrow....

3-20-15  11:30am  At this time I do not plan on doing residential snow removal .  The weather is calling for approximately 4 inches of snow tonight but the temperature will hit almost 50 degrees tomorrow.  I will continue to monitor the weather and update this site as needed.  Email me if you have any questions.  Thx Steve 

1-25-15  Looks like snow for the next couple of days.  We will start residential properties after the snow stops. Probably Tuesday.  If you need service prior to the snow stopping you must call.  Crews have checked in, trucks are loaded and ready to roll.  Please be patient we will get there.

1-21-15  Weather is calling for 1-3 inches tonight.  We will start residential snow service at approximately 6am tomorrow morning.  Commercial service will start at 10pm tonight.  All employees have checked in and are ready to go.  If we get less than 2 inches we will be on call for residential but will not automatically come.  Residential must call for service less than two inches.  If you have set a trigger point on your account we will follow that.  We got 3 inches but the rain washed some of it away.

Note: 12-19-14  We stopped cutting most accounts the second week of November (earlier than last year)  and by the beginning of December they all looked like they needed to be cut and touched up again.  I made the decision to come around again to cut and touchup  all properties that haven't suspended. Please email or call me if you have any concerns about the late service.  Leaves seemed to be mostly down by the end of the first week of December which is when we would like to come around the final time.  I  hope this makes sense to everyone.  Please remember that you can suspend service prior to our final cut with an email.  We can make a note on your account if you have specific date in mind that you would like to suspend at the end of the season. 

12-4-14  90% of our full property leaf cleanups are done.  We will be around next week to do one final check on all accounts that haven't already suspended service.

11-17-14  There will be no cutting the week of the 11-17-14.    We will be around for                 the last time next week.  We will continue to do our best to keep the leaves                 off of your grass so that they don't damage your lawn.  We may shorten the                 height on the last cut for the winter.  Additional leaf removal options under                 the service section.

11-17-14 If you have called and scheduled a full property cleanup for this week we are                 on schedule.  

11-12-14 New service options for fall leaves coming soon.

​11-12-14  We started a day early this week and we are still behind due to leaves.  We will get there.

11-4-14 No lawn cutting this week.  We will be cutting next week.

10/1-14  Some statements went out with incorrect invoice dates.  The total is correct but the week of 9-2-14 may have two invoices.  One of those should have been for week 9-22-14.  It has already been corrected in the system.  

9-10-14 End of season info. We cut through October full time and usually do two cuts in November. We will do the best we can to manage your leaves during the fall but you may need to call for a leaf cleanup.  You must call for a leaf cleanup. (additional charges apply).

9-10-14  As the grass starts to slow down we may skip your lawn if there is little or no growth.  Remember you can always email or text and we will skip you for the week.  

9-10-14 Final cut is usually the third or fourth week of November.  Please call or email if you would like to suspend service prior to the final cut.  We will automatically resume cutting April 2015.

9-11-2014  It's time to aerate and broadcast seed.  Email for pricing.  Small properties start at $375.00  Slicer seeding also available starting at $650.00

9-10-14 Snow removal.  Unfortunately, there will be an increase in price this year on residential snow removal.  We lost money last year on residential snow.  Please call or email for pricing.

​9-10-14  Final cut is usually the third or fourth week of November.  Please call or email  if you would like to suspend service prior to the final cut.  We will automatically resume cutting April 2015.

 If possible please provide me with your email address.  Steve@ahernlawnservice.com

Thank you!

A little about Steve:

​Former Corrections Officer at Trenton State Prison
Fly's helicopters
Attended Rider University
Rides Motorcycles
Married with 3 kids 
Just turned 44
Married 17 years together for 26
Owned the Quiznos on Route 33
Started cutting lawns in 1993 because he was bored
Built this website
Best friend is a Special Forces Green Beret/ Warrant Officer team commander with 3 Bronze Stars Valor