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Service Information

​Information and answers to commonly asked questions

We start cutting the first or second week of April depending on weather and end approximately the second week of November.

We offer a cut the first week of December due to customer demand.  You have to sign up for this cut by emailing me otherwise your weekly service will stop the second week of November.  This is only available for accounts that don't suspend early.

You can email or text to have your property skipped for the week

Rain and weather does put us behind schedule.  If it rains two days we will be behind 2 days. We will try to resume your regularly scheduled day as soon as possible.  This means that on occasion there may only be 4 to  5 days between cuts.

We offer weekly service

We bill once a month via email.  Invoices usually go out by the 5th of the month

You can pay online.  There will be a link attached to your emailed invoice

Payments are due by the 20th of every month

We do not do snow removal

Utility flags: It is the customers responsibility to let me know about utility flags in their yard and when the work is being done. I've seen these flags left in yards for months at a time. It adds a lot of additional time cutting around them. I can understand the yard being marked a week or two early due to scheduling. We will cut around the flags and do our best with the trimmers. Please remove these flags as soon as possible. We will not remove these flags.

Late payments will be charged a fee

We get as many calls about lawns being skipped as we do lawns being cut when 
​maybe they don't need to be.  So, we cut most of the time unless you email or text us

Service will automatically resume in April.  You must notify us to discontinue your account.