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Ahern Lawn Service & Landscaping LLC Services

Ahern Lawn Service & Landscaping, LLC
 Hamilton Square, NJ 08690


1. Weekly Lawn Cutting                $______________
  (Cut, Edge, Trim, Blow)
    Avg pice per 1/4 acre $35.00

2. Cleanup                                    $ ______________
  (Leaves, sticks and debris)
    4x your lawn cutting price

3. Shrub & Bush Trimming           $______________
    $38.00 per hour per crew member plus dump fee.

4. Mulch                                        $______________
  (weed and edge beds, Deliver & spread)
    Averages approx. $150.00 per cubic yard)

​5.  We do not do snow removal

8.  Labor Rate: $38.00 per crew member per hour plus materials, dump fees and tax.

9.  Benjamin & Williams is the collection agency used for late payments. Late fees         apply.




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